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A lifelong Republican, Nancy Lewis moved to Naples in 1991, drawn by its pristine beaches, clean air and water, and attractive community amenities. She has spent the last 25 years in general real estate and freelance administration.

Nancy currently serves as President of Naples Retirement Inc. at Lely Palms, Treasurer of her HOA, Secretary of the Mangrove Action Group, and on multiple teams at Grow Church in North Naples.

Called by some as “plucky,” “colorful” and “bare-knuckled,” Nancy is also known as “a good listener.” Passionate and relentless, with a good dose of common sense, she wants to be the people’s representative for promoting sensible development in Collier County while preserving its natural resources and high quality of life. Nancy is absolutely not a politician.

Nancy is a Good Listener, Passionate and Relentless

Why Nancy Lewis?

Nancy understands that Collier County is at a crossroads and facing numerous challenges, including: dire environmental issues (red tide, blue/green algae, water conservation, etc.), aging infrastructures, limited space for expansion in its urban areas, and major traffic congestion. To effect change, she supports long-term, responsible growth and development that does not negatively impact the county’s existing social, environmental, and cultural aspects – those very characteristics that are emblematic of its high quality of life.

“People did not move to Collier County to find themselves living in another Miami,” she states. “Although growth is inevitable, wise planning requires sophisticated solutions. Today, we’ve got runaway growth and we don’t have the systems in place to handle that growth. If I’m elected, I plan to fight with every fiber of my being to engage in sensible, planned growth to protect the Collier way of life. I’m running to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. There is not enough public awareness and our rights are being compromised.”

Nancy also believes in fiscal responsibility. “I want to make sure that we pay for the projects and programs that are truly the responsibility of county government ,” she declares. “We can no longer afford to continue to purchase $29M golf courses and incentivize special interest groups. All we are doing is kicking the can down the road and issuing bonds that tie us down and do not free us from debt.”

Finally, Nancy is listening to the citizens of Collier County. “The voting public is tired of our elected officials telling us what needs to be done,” she says. “The Commissioners keep making decisions without regard to the will of the people. Our voices are being ignored and I am compelled to run to be the voice of the people.”

Plucky? Passionate? Relentless? Bare-knuckled? A good listener? Aren’t these the attributes you want in your County Commissioner?

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