Letters of Endorsement

Donna Wagner is the Immediate Past President of the Women’s Republican Club Naples.

Your Save Vanderbilt Beach Board of Directors met regularly to evaluate candidates to run for the County Commission seat in District 2.
We have identified the person whom we believe has what it takes to be a Commissioner who will listen to and represent the residents.
The Save Vanderbilt Beach Board of Directors proudly endorses NANCY LEWIS.

–Buzz Victor, President, Save Vanderbilt Beach

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Nancy Lewis to be the next District Two Commissioner for Collier County. I can’t think of a person better suited, or qualified for the position.  I’ve worked with Nancy for the past ten years on the Naples Retirement Inc. Board of Directors Serving the Lely Palms Retirement Community. Nancy is the current Board President and under her leadership Lely Palms community residents have flourished. Her  caring, knowledge and compassion are second to none. She is organized to a fault, and accomplishing a task is second to none, while doing this, she instills that in each Director.

I know Nancy’s love and dedication for Collier County is paramount. She’s been a full time resident since 1991. Nancy is not only the President of  Naples Retirement Inc., she is also the Treasurer of  her Home Owners association, Secretary of the Mangrove Action Group, and participates in multiple teams at Grow Church in North Naples.

She is not your average politician; she listens to the voice of the people, understands, and shares their concerns. Nancy is passionate about the responsible growth of our wonderful County, and protecting our water ways, beaches and superb, safe lifestyle. She is concerned about the most important special interest group, that’s every resident of Collier County; not small factions.

Please join me in supporting, and voting for Nancy Lewis, for a better Collier County.


Barry Gerenstein

Naples Retirement Inc. Vice President

Program Manager Community
Emergency Response Teams
Collier County Citizens Corps Representative


I am endorsing Nancy Lewis for County Commissioner in District 2-North Naples. Nancy Lewis was on the leadership team with Save Vanderbilt Beach. We successfully forced Stock Development to scale down their One Naples mega-development. 

Nancy Lewis understands what happens with uncontrolled growth.  She has read and understands the Growth Management Plan and wants to see it used, rather than ignored.  Nancy Lewis is often stuck in the same traffic jams as all of us are. 

I was a former Planning Board Member and Chairman and tangled with developers who expected the Board to fall in love with their projects; no matter how detrimental they were to the community.  As a Board we knew our allegiances stood with the residents and nothing was built without the developers mitigating all the shortfalls- or they didn’t get their approvals.

Nancy Lewis will do the same for Collier County. Nancy will take no Special Interest campaign contributions; Nancy is solely relying on the residents for her support.  Nancy Lewis’ allegiance is with the voters.  Nancy will listen to your concerns; she will apply the development laws fairly.  Nancy Lewis is smart and feisty and is the right person to change the status quo for a better Collier County.  

If you love Collier County and want to preserve what we have before it becomes the Next Miami, then join me in supporting Nancy Lewis who is willing to stand for your interests and the interests of residents. This is our community and we need to elect Nancy Lewis to protect it. 

Elizabeth (Betty) Pircio

Board member, Save Vanderbilt Beach
Chateaumere Royale
Pelican Bay, Naples, FL


It is my great pleasure and honor to support the candidacy of Nancy Lewis for District 2, Collier County Commissioner. I have had the opportunity of knowing and working with Nancy during the past several years as we joined a large group of community volunteers in attempting to reduce the size and scope of the One Naples development. Nancy was a vital part of the leadership team. She has an incredible grasp of the technical aspects of county governance and is willing to confront those thorny issues if her fellow commissioners are unwilling to do so.

Nancy is a longtime resident of Naples, an individual of utmost integrity, a tireless worker, and someone independent of the pressure exerted by special interest groups. To underscore that independence, she has pledged to REJECT ANY DEVELOPER CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS, because the only group she intends to represent are the residents of Collier County!

My letter of endorsement is unqualified and is written at a unique time where we the people can make a difference in regaining control of Collier County in order to prevent it from becoming a mirror image of Miami. With Nancy as our next Commissioner of District 2, we can achieve this important goal.

Please join me and other volunteers in our battle to enhance the quality of life we all expect for Collier residents…consider casting your vote in upcoming elections for Nancy Lewis.

Ken Melkus
Retired Executive
Resident of Trieste Condominium

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